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Vision Forum appears to be shutting down everything in the wake of Doug Phillips’ resignation.  Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by VF’s extreme positions on patriarchy, husband/wife relationships, father/children relationships, and their errant application of Old Testament theocratic civil law to society and Christian families will survive.

Theonomy and Christian Reconstructionism still remains and those advocating it will continue to be active.  Eschewing meaningful dialogue with those who disagree with them, and too often resorting to misrepresentations of opposing viewpoint, is an unfortunate characteristic of those who embrace this theology.

Because so many churches that are patriocentric and teach a theonomic approach to scripture call themselves Calvinistic, Reformed, Covenantal, or Prebyterian I find that I must often explain how most Reformed churches reject the interpretation and application of the Old Testament advanced by Vision Forum and those within the CR camp.