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In both of my essays on Vision Forum I draw attention to the viewpoint of those within the theonomic community that the ideally the U.S. should be under the Mosaic judicial law code. Because theonomists and Christian Reconstructionists are usually Calvinists the following section from David VanDrunen’s book Natural Law And The Two Kingdoms is most informative.

Like others before him, he [Calvin] saw the purpose of the judical laws as that of preseving justice and order among God’s Old Testament people.  Calvin says that the judical law, “given them as a kind of polity, delivered certain forms of equity and justice, by which they might live together innocently and quietly.” Furthermore, he insisted that the judical laws are not to be considered binding today nor obligatory for contemporary civil law. One of the few places where Calvin polemicized about natural law is at this precise point. Some held that commonwealths had to be governed by the law of Moses rather than the “common law of nations,” but Calvin condemned such views as “perilous and seditious”, “stupid and false.” Instead . . .each nation is free to enact laws that it deems beneficial, judged by the rule of charity and equity, for the Lord “did not deliver it [the Old Testament law] by the hand of Moses to be promulgated in all countries, and to be everywhere enforced. . . .”    [page 109-110]