Critique of Vision Forum Tenets 22 & 23


I began studying Vision Forum in the summer of 2012. Convinced that they improperly interpret Old Testament narratives, especially as related to sons and daughters, I started working on this 17 page essay examining two of the Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy. The emphasis is on the hermeneutical system that forms the foundation for much of what they teach and how, in order to adhere to that hermeneutical method, they engage in poor exegesis and use faulty logic to support their position.

At the risk of sounding like I’m patting myself on my back, this essay is not something you can read while watching TV or trying to keep on eye on toddlers in the backyard. Some of the theological terms I use may be new to you. It needs to be read carefully.

Read this essay before you read the one of Tenets 16 – 21.  If you read 16 – 21 first you will miss some very important foundational components of my entire argument.

The essay is in PDF format which you can download above (VF_22_23_2b).
If you downloaded an earlier copy, this one corrects some typos.


7 thoughts on “Critique of Vision Forum Tenets 22 & 23”

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  2. Thank you for this. As far as I know, 2 people on the Internet, prior to you, looked into the tenets in detail: Me, on the blog “The tenets of unbiblical patriarchy?” at blogspot, and Jen at
    Your discussion of these two tenets is more complete than either mine or hers.

    • I saw both of those and decided I wanted to take a slightly different approach. As I explained in the essay, VF must be examined in light of their basic suppositions of theonomy/Christian Reconstruction and how this shapes their hermeneutic. Of course, poor exegesis is just that…poor exegesis. I was influenced by both you and Jen.

      • Hello Brian,

        Just adding my thanks for your approach to this issue. I trust that many people find your essay online and are informed and enriched by your presentation. I have shared about your topic with a number of colleagues.

        My ministry is to those who have been wounded in the church and have been devastated by spiritual abuse. Many people have had this experience. Thankfully, Christians can recover from this distressing experience.

        People are welcome to check out my website:

        All the best!


  3. I am surprised that no one has made any comments in opposition to what I have written regarding Tenets 22 & 23. I know quite a few people have downloaded my essay.

  4. Reformed Reader said:

    Your article is excellent, but very long. You have made a compelling argument. Any chance you could put short sections of it right here?

  5. Angela Wittman said:

    Thanks for sharing this with me as I’ve been struggling with Christian Reconstructionism for quite some time now – I’ve been involved in it for the last 12 years, but just couldn’t put my finger on what was troubling me about it.

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