Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy 16 – 21


A critical look at Tenets 16 through 21 that deal primarily with the education of children and to a lesser degree with the issue of what is commonly known as Family Integrated Church.

I also comment on how theonomy and Christian Reconstuctionism play an important  role in formulating VF’s entire approach to the interpretation and application of the Old Testament  to current society and the church. The influence of men like Greg Bahnsen and R.J. Rushdoony is also pointed out.

If you have not already read my previous essay on Tenets 22-23 you should read it first since it provides more details on my overall critique of the Tenets of “Biblical” Patriarchy. [It is rather lengthy, however.]

I must emphasize that my objections to these tenets have nothing to do with homeschooling. The question is not whether homeschooling is good or bad but whether the Bible requires parents to homeschool and forbids any other form of schooling — public or private.  Homeschooling is a personal choice that parents must make and is really an issue of Christian liberty. [See for example, David VanDrunen’s Living in God’s Two Kingdoms, page 183.]


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